~ VCR classics: "Rape & Revenge" ~

Double Feature




(1984 / 1987)

(Special Two DVD Disc set)

DIRECTOR: Violated: Richard Cannistraro / Deranged: Chuck Vincent (Summer Camp, Hot T-Shirts)

STARS: Violated: Daisy White, JC Quinn, John Heard / Deranged: Jane Hamilton aka Veronica Hart (Pandora's Mirror), Jerry Butler (Raw Talent), Jamie Gillis (Dracula Sucks)

SYNOPSIS: Two disc set with a Rape / Revenge theme.

Violated: A sexy young NYC girl accidentally gets involved with gangsters who invite wannabe actresses to parties and then rape them. Violence and revenge follow as our heroine tries to send the scum to jail via court but finds the justice system lacking. In one strange scene the 20-something star stands topless in front of her little brother while talking in her room! Character actor John Heard shows up for a one scene cameo.

Deranged: A pregnant woman (Veronica Hart) is brutally attacked by a masked intruder. She loses her baby but manages to kill the creep and hide his body. She doesn't even tell her husband what happened! She continues to pretend as if she's still pregnant. Meanwhile, she suffers from flashbacks of her tormentor, talks with her dead father (porn star Jamie Gillis) who molested her and even kills off a few more people. This one is a tour de force for 70's/80's adult star Veronica Hart who gives it her all whether acting like a child with her father, hiding bloody bodies in a closet or having an all out break down when her victims come back to haunt her as zombies. Repulsion...Chuck Vincent style.

NOTE: This is a special Two Disc set priced at $30.00

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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Violated / Deranged" : $30.00

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