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Bamboo Gods and Bionic Boys If you have any interest at all in Filipino schlock cinema there's only one person to go to: Andrew Leavold. His love for Filipino cinema is palpable. Andrew even made a documentary on pint-sized Filipino star Weng Weng ("For Your Height Only") called "The Search for Weng Weng" (!)

Capri Show World Nicely curated collection of articles on Adult and Exploitation films. Photos, ads and rare interviews


Jim Blanchard Talented and twisted artist who worked on the underground comic HATE (along with ANSWER ME, BAD MEAT, album covers & more). Check out his cool art. It seems like everyone has a damn blog these days and Jim is no exception.


Ghost Limb Films / Christopher Frieri: Underground filmmaker Christopher Frieri's films
can be almost impossible to find on vhs or dvd but he has a Vimeo channel where you can
watch some, including
The Orbitrons, for free!

Ghost Limb Films Christopher Frieri

Hysteria Lives! Well done tribute site for slasher films. Mostly highlighting the 80's boom of blood and gore. Plus interviews with obscure genre players.

JASON LIEBIG STUFF Great high quality collection of advertising and packaging scans/photos. Mostly vintage candy, cereal and food stuff. Plus: Be sure to visit his shockingly thorough site devoted to "wish book" store catalogs from the 30's up to the late '80's - WishBook

LANCE LAURIE Check out this cool artwork that really looks like vintage carnival style display signs. Like a fever dream after too much junk food from the Drive-In snack bar of your childhood. Paintings filled with rampaging robots, grinning devils, sexy mermaids and skull monsters! You can browse the art via his flickr stream or buy select pieces on Ebay (search for seller name: "konga5")

LILEKS James Lileks has a few recommended books out ("Interior Desecration" "Gallery of Regrettable Food"). But his website is a constantly growing treasure trove of pop culture, old advertising, photos and with his dead-on sense of humor.  Hilarious.

MAGIC CARPET BURN Another fun blog. This one has lots of old comic book scans (mostly of the horror variety) including those great back page ads.

MADE FOR TV MAYHEM Great source for info on made-for-TV films.

SHOCK CINEMA MAGAZINE Essential cult film magazine that reviews every damn weird film known to man! Steve Puchalski is to blame. Check out film reviews, catch up on back issues and pick up Steve's book "Slimetime".  A personal fave and a Must Have! The new issue (#64) is out: Plenty of genre film folks are interviewed in this issue including: Stephen Tobolowsky (Groundhog Day), Chris Mulkey (Patti Rocks, First Blood), Raymond J. Barry (Headless Body Topless Bar), and more. Reviews include: The GlitterBall, Man of Steel, Without Warning , Getting Wasted and more! New release, dvds, zines, books. Steve has also has a Shock Cinema Blog, a YouTube channel and an Instagram account with old newspaper film ads.


TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK Film fanatic Chris Poggiali's great blog has lots of info, pictures and (best of all) tons and tons of rare ad mats related to exploitation cinema.

THEATER OF GUTS Here's a blog with obscure cult film reviews worth checking out! The blogmeister digs up some pretty rare ads, posters and vhs art that I've never seen before. He even sells cool buttons with genre film images and vhs related artwork! Last but not least he makes fan trailers for movies like Fauzi Mansur's Ritual of Death.

Theater of Guts

TICK TOCK TOYS Over at theimaginaryworld.com author and artist Dan Goodsell has put together a fantastic collection of old ads, toys, photos and artwork. Tons of cool stuff to see. Check out Dan's great book "Krazy Kid's Food" too!

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