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JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT!  ( or "J4HI" )  is dedicated to saving Rare, Out-Of-Print and Lost cult films on dvd. These films are transferred from a variety of sources including out-of-print videos, laserdiscs, import releases, PAL videos, 16mm and 35mm film prints. Quality on the dvds vary. But overall any title from our collection that was considered "below average" was NOT included on this site - no matter how desirable the film might be.  Many titles would be considered well above average in quality. All titles are believed to be either in the public domain or never released in the United States. Anyone wishing to dispute a title can notify us. No rights are given or implied for the titles found on this website.

Not only do we search out nice copies of these films but we try to make interesting cover art as well. Something worthy of display. A lot of research, time and care go into making these covers. Most of the covers found here are completely unique to THIS SITE. Overall the front cover will feature the traditional one sheet art - while the back cover will show a different ad, alternate title campaign or foreign artwork.  Hopefully fans will appreciate the box art as much as the film itself. The picture on each title's page is the actual front cover art you will receive. Keep in mind that the thumbnail pictures of the covers don't do justice to the quality of the art! In an effort to speed up download time these images have been reduced in size. 

Unless otherwise noted all films have English audio or English subtitles. Films in foreign language with English subtitles are clearly described.

All titles are
$20.00 USD for single disc and $30.00 for 2 disc sets unless otherwise noted.

Anatomy of an MOD

MOD stands for "Manufactured on Demand". Each MOD is a DVD-R disc that comes in a standard dvd case. Colors include: black, red, blue, green and yellow. The color varies depending on the title. Individual colors will be stated at the bottom of each film's description. The cover art is printed on high-quality paper specifically designed to fit in a dvd case. Each disc has the film title thermally printed onto the surface. Unlike stickers, labels or even markers the thermal printing DOES NOT effect playback.


Buy $100.00 worth of dvds and get $20.00 off:
$20.00 discounted automatically at checkout!

Buy $200.00 worth of dvds and get $40.00 off:
$40.00 discounted automatically at checkout!

Buy $300.00 worth of dvds and get $60.00 off…. etc. No limit to this offer!


If you have any rare or "lost" films let us know. Also any  film transfers (from Pal videos, 16mm or 35mm) are noteworthy as well. We'll work out a trade that makes us both happy. Keep in mind that any currently available titles or films with TV logos would NOT be of interest. Write to info@j4hi.com


IMPORTANT!!: Please check that your dvd player can play DVD-R technology. There are a variety of sources online to check the compatibility of your machine.

If a disc you purchase is defective or damaged we
WILL immediately send out a replacement disc at no extra charge. We find this problem to be extremely rare.

We DO NOT share customer information with any other entity… EVER.

Customer service contact: info@j4hi.com

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If you have any questions or problems placing an order please contact us:


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