DIRECTOR: Giuseppe Vari (Sister Emanuelle)

STARS: Bruno Bilotta (Demons 2), Alex Vitale, Bjorn Hammer, Malisa Longo (Line Up & Lay Down, Super Stooges vs Wonder Women)

SYNOPSIS: After an atomic holocaust a group of men emerge from their underground lab to find bloodthirsty bikers have taken over. Three scientists, including our hero Bilotta who looks like an Italian Schwarzenegger, manage to escape from their bunker after the world goes to hell. It seems like it only took a few days for gangs to form and start hunting healthy people as the bad guys are all tainted by the fallout. Apparently, the only clothing stores not damaged by the apocalypse were "Chess King" and "Hot Topic" as the villains wear cut-rate studded collars, wrist bands, leather vests with cheetah print, etc. Our hero is a little stiff but he manages to beat the creeps in fistfights, car chases, motorcycle attacks and shoot-outs. He even finds time for sex with love interest Malisa Longo who gets naked in the scene. Filled with low-budget action that mostly takes place around a rock quarry and abandoned factories. This is one of the rarest Road Warrior / post apocalyptic films to come out of the 1980's.

Bonus: Original VHS intro

*For more see:
Warriors of the Apocalypse, Death Run and Rush 2

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLUE dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Urban Warriors" : $20.00

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