Double Feature




(aka Searchers of the Voodoo Mountain)

(1982 / 1985)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

She: Avi Nesher / Warriors of the Wasteland: Bobby Suarez (Cleopatra Wong, American Commandos)

STARS: She: Sandahl Bergman (Conan the Barbarian), David Goss, Harrison Muller (Final Executioner), Gordon Mitchell (Endgame), / Warriors of the Apocalypse: Michael James, Deborah Moore, Ken Metcalfe

SYNOPSIS: Two of the wackier post apocalyptic film adventures

She: This one was much different than I expected. Statuesque Sandahl Bergman looks amazing - she has a body like no other action femme before or since (with a nude scene here to prove it). Plus she has charisma to boot. Before we meet "She" the film starts out with our heroes. A tall muscular man "Tom", a smaller comedy relief guy "Dick" (Harrison Muller) and a girl "Hari". See what they did there? Anyway, these three have sailed over to a forbidden zone kinda place to sell their goods. The marketplace is attacked by men on horses led by the evil Gordon Mitchell (a regular in these post apocalyptic films) and Hari is taken captive. Meanwhile She (Bergman) rules over her kingdom with an iron fist. Her all-female army treats men as slaves and playthings. She is basically a villain at this point. When Tom and Dick show up she tortures them. They eventually turn the tables and kidnap her so she can lead them to where Mitchell is holding Hari. Along the way they run into the most ridiculous gangs of bad guys you've ever seen. The best is a colony of lepers who wrap themselves mummy-style in white rags, wear sunglasses and use chainsaws as their main weapons! They briefly capture our stars but the other Amazons show up to save the day and She, moved by Tom's quest, has decided to help him. She enlists one other soldier to come along and they battle more weirdos including a Caligula-looking group of...werewolves, a telekinetic dictator, and a mad scientist who dresses like Amadeus (with a plastic baseball helmet) and his 300 pound tutu-wearing henchman! They finally make their way to Gordon Mitchell's stronghold, fight in a gladiator pit, battle it out with his army and find Hari. The real star of the film might be the costume designer! They've got everything look you could imagine - football uniforms with swastikas on them, motorcycle gear, a guy with a magician's cape and top hat, face paint, another dude dressed like a boxer(!), giant Roman-style helmets and the aforementioned chainsaw-wielding mummy people! Another very cool touch is the heavy metal soundtrack! This is a wild one.

Warriors of the Apocalypse: Our post-apoc group of men in this film wear way too much heavy leather to be wandering around a desert looking for water! In fact most of their outfits are hilariously inept. Overall Warriors is the cheesiest post-apocalyptic offering we have up for sale! This one ups the ante by adding magic and psychic powers to the mix. Our heroes (tough leader "Trapper", shades-wearing killer, wise old man, etc) have a few small battles before befriending an odd looking fighter named "Anuk". He tells them of 'The Mountain of Life' a jungle paradise with plentiful water and food. They decide to trust him and go along. In the jungle they come upon a tribe of face-painted pygmy natives who can easily heal themselves after being stabbed, shot, etc. This is almost a running joke as the little guys keep popping up at regular intervals. Eventually, Anuk leads them to the fabled place which turns out to be filled with oversexed Amazon women! This includes their princess who looks like Grace Slick. They find out too late that she's evil (and has psychic powers). They're thrown in a cool looking jail where the bars are made from giant teeth. The princess has a confidant who is helpful to the captives and gets them released for a little R&R as the Amazon women are hungry for some real men. He also shows the old man a hidden power source beneath the paradise. It's a nuclear generator run by a radiation scarred slave work force. Ultimately the confidant has a psychic showdown with the princess as laser beams shoot from their eyes in a scene you won't believe! Our heroes run back to the jungle followed by Anuk who has a grudge match battle with Trapper. This is definitely one of the kookier post apocalyptic entries!

*For more see: Endgame / Final Executioner, Death Run, Radioactive Dreams / Wired to Kill and Naked Vengeance / Sudden Death

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "She / Warriors of the Apocalypse" : $30.00

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