Man Who Saw Tomorrow / Nostradamus dvd
Double Feature




(1981 / 1961)

(Double Feature on one DVD)

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow: Robert Guenette (Mysterious Monsters) / Nostradamus: Merle S. Gould

STARS: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow: Orson Welles (Narrator) / Nostradamus: Basil Rathbone (Narrator), Stanton Pritchard

SYNOPSIS: Two documentaries about Nostradamus (one feature length, one short) on a single disc.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow: Boasting better production values than most of the paranormal docs from the 1970's this also has the extra pedigree of being narrated by Orson Welles. The film does a good job of detailing Nostradamus' life. His early prophecies as a boy, the loss of his wife and kids and of course his infamous writings. Re-enactments show his life as well as his predictions. New footage, stock footage and illustrations are utilized to tell the story. Welles narrates and occasionally appears onscreen in a cluttered study smoking a cigar. He delivers all his lines with complete sincerity. Revolutions, wars, Napoleon, Hitler, JFK's assassination, the moon landing and more are covered. The best part is the last 1/2 hour or so when the prophecies change from past events to future events. He predicts Muslim countries and Russia will be America's worst enemies, as well as a Muslim country striking a "new city" (New York) and targeting its tall buildings! Running time: 1hr 30mins

Mystic Prophecies and Nostradamus: Here's a really obscure short feature that's almost impossible to find. Basil Rathbone is the narrator and onscreen host. He reads from a giant book as he wanders around a fancy study with a suit of armor in the background. He talks about various prophecies that have been given over the years and eventually focuses on Nostradamus. Tons of stock footage, film clips and re-enactments covering some of the same ground as the above film (Hitler, wars, earthquakes, famine, etc). Running time: 1hr

*For more see: The Outer Space Connection, In Search of Noah's Ark and The Bermuda Triangle

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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