(aka Los Violadores)


DIRECTOR: Paul Grau (Six Swedish Girls in the Alps)

STARS: Jose Gras. Laura Premica, Andrea Albani, Erick Falk (Sensual Partners, Ilsa-The Wicked Warden)

SYNOPSIS: Here's one movie that will definitely give you your money's worth! I usually write all the entries on J4HI but after reading the below review I have to give it up (and tip my hat) to an IMDB user named "Coventry":

"Mad Foxes is what happens if someone grants a bunch of drunken loonies access to a camera and simultaneously offers them $20 to make their very own movie. This whole thing probably started as a bad joke among friends in a sinister bar and after having too much to drink already? They all wanted to make a movie, none of them had any talent or even any clue how to begin filming and since they couldn't decide what to focus on, they simply processed every imaginable exploitation theme into the film. Oh yes, you name it and "Mad Foxes" has got it! There's Nazi bikers, race cars, kick-boxing, castration, the rape of virgins, disembowelment, sailors dancing, scenes from a guy in the crapper, public sex, an Oedipus complex, an S&M Dominatrix, hideously inappropriate metal music by a band named "Krokus", skinny-dipping, sluts with big breasts, sluts with small breasts, grenades, males that wear girlish panties over their own pants, randomly crashing cars, exploding bikes, suicide bombing, wheelchair catapulting, exaggerated fake laughter, demented dialogs, stabbing, death by hedge clippers, bathtub sex, no coppers, massive loads of pubic hair and the inevitable greatest dubbing job in the history of cinema! Every new sequence in "Mad Foxes" is literally a new & adventurous journey into a universe of grotesqueness and disbelief. At several times whilst watching this piece of exploitation-extravaganza, you're guaranteed to rub your eyes and wonder: "Is this real?" Am I really watching this? Did somebody actually make this film??". Not a drug in this world can offer you such a dangerously intoxicating and flamboyant trip as Paul Grau's "Mad Foxes". Now that I've seen this gloriously retarded highlight of euro-trash cinema, I can die a happy man!"

Uncut and Unrated. WIDESCREEN.

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Widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLUE dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Mad Foxes" : $20.00

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