(aka This is America )


DIRECTOR: Romano Vanderbes ( The Sex O'Clock News )

STARS: Norman Rose (narrator) (he was "Mr Smith" in The Telephone Book)

SYNOPSIS: Unlike most of the "Mondo" films to come out during it's peak of the 70's & early 80's (Monda Cane, Africa Addio) which focus mostly on areas outside the USA - this one targets it! I'm not a big mondo fan but this one is different. Death and gore isn't really the focus (it's more about sex) and it's so obvious that most of the scenes are totally fake. Plus there's a ton of nudity. Here's what they cover: Massage Parlors, Demolition Derby, Mudwrestling Schoolgirls, Swinger Resorts, Torture Dungeons, Sex Clinics, Senior Citizen Brothels, Cryonics, Devil Worship, Coed Prisons, Sex Shops, Sadists Parties, Miss All-Bare America 1975, Polygamy, Golden Gate Suicides, Drive-In Churches and more - Hilarious! Some scenes from this documentary were chopped up and made into funny skits for the director's silly "Sex O'Clock News".

*For more see:
Journey into the Beyond, What Would Your Mother Say?, Hooker, Mustang: House of Pleasure, and Slave Trade in the World Today / Go! Go! Go! World

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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