DR. LAMB dvd


DIRECTOR: Danny Lee, Billy Hin-Shing Tang

STARS: Simon Yam (Run & Kill, Full Contact), Danny Lee (The Killer), Kent Cheng

SYNOPSIS: Asian cult star Simon Yam puts another "Category III" notch in his film belt. He made this sleazy hit between the classic Hong Kong films Full Contact and Naked Killer. This one starts off with the police (including Lee and Cheng) arresting Lamb for having nude photos developed at his local photo shop. After a quick search of his home they discover more disturbing items and take him to the station for questioning. For the next 20 minutes a parade of cops punch, beat and torture Lamb in the name of justice. He finally admits to being a killer and the bulk of the film shows flashbacks to most of his crimes. He starts off sloppy with the first kill happening by chance. But with each new victim he gets better at killing and hiding the evidence. Lamb kills them quickly and takes their bodies back to his apartment. He strips them nude, slaps them around, cuts them and even has prolonged sex with their corpses. He takes photos and videos of his twisted games too. Afterwards he uses a band saw to cut them into pieces for easy disposal. His trophies are one breast from each woman removed by scalpel. If this was all presented in a straightforward manner it would be hard to handle. But the film has all the fancy touches you'd expect from a late 80's early 90's Asian thriller: swooping cameras, hot jazzy soundtrack, over-the-top actors, rain soaked neon streets, etc. Plus there's a dose of oddly Asian style black humor moments that's played for laughs, like when the cops beat Lamb's father and brother or a severed breast falls out of a jar and lands on a female officer's back, etc. Nonetheless it's still pretty disturbing at times— not much is held back in this graphic shocker. Despite the poster art and title Yam never appears in scrubs and no one ever refers to him as "doctor". Based on a real life crime. The three stars of Dr. Lamb would reunite for director Tang's violent 1993 film Run & Kill. In spoken Chinese with English subtitles. WIDESCREEN.

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Widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLUE dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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