(aka 40 Gradi All'ombra del Lenzuolo)


DIRECTOR: Sergio Martino (Torso, After the Fall of New York)

STARS: Marty Feldman (Slapstick of Another Kind), Barbara Bouchet (Cry of a Prostitute, The Rogue), Edwige Fenech (Strip Nude for Your Killer, You've Got to Havwe Heart), Dayle Haddon (Last Romantic Lover), Tomas Milian (Almost Human, Squadra Antiscippo), Sydne Rome (What?), Giovanna Ralli (Cold Eyes of Fear)

SYNOPSIS: Five sex and nudity filled comic sketches with some of the 70's sexiest ladies.

Dream Girl: First up is the gorgeous Edwige Fenech in the sexiest segment. She's a bored housewife that all the men in the village go crazy over. An obscene phone caller (Tomas Milian), with buck teeth and Coke bottle glasses, calls her every night and describes his erotic dreams. We see the dreams realized as Fenech is tied to a bed topless in one and then has sex with a vampire in another! This seems to turn her on. Eventually she agrees to meet him in person so they can screw. But things don't turn out as planned.

The Bodyguard: In the funniest segment Dale Haddon is watched a little too closely by her bodyguard Marty Feldman. He's never more then a few feet away from her at all times. At dinner, in a bed, a pool, in the bathtub, etc. He sees danger in every corner and every situation. You'll wish a feature film was made based on this character. Hilarious.

One for the Money: Barbara Bouchet looks amazing as the wife of rich gangster home alone for the weekend. A man approaches her and offers to pay 20 million lire if she has sex with him. No strings attached. She tells him to get lost but eventually gives in. Then he returns the next day with he same offer! Their final tryst is in a bathroom stall at the airport. The surprise ending is great one.

Catch it While it's Hot: A horny chauffeur tries to seduce his high class boss Giovanna Ralli. She teases him with stocking covered legs as he begs and grovels at her feet during a picnic in the hills. Funny twist ending on this one.

A Dog's Day: A man desperately tries to have sex with blonde bimbo Sydne Rome. But her overprotective German Shepard won't allow the two to be alone for even a minute.

Almost all the segments have surprise endings. They're about 20 minutes each so you'll never have a chance to get bored. Better then you might expect.

*For more see:
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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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