VHS_action_4 Double Feature




( aka Razza Violenta )

(1982 / 1984)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Tiger Joe: Antonio Margheriti (Car Crash, The Young The Evil & Savage ) / The Violent Breed: Fernando Di Leo (Italian Connection, Caliber 9)

STARS: Tiger Joe: David Warbeck (The Beyond, Miami Horror), Annie Belle (House by the Edge of the Park), Tony King (Hell Up in Harlem, Cannibals in the Streets), Luciano Pigozzi (Yor - Hunter of the Future, Ark of the Sun God) / The Violent Breed: Harrison Muller (Final Executioner, Miami Cops), Henry Silva (Shoot, Chained Heat), Woody Strode (The Professionals)

SYNOPSIS: Vietnam vets get back into action in these two unreleased-on-dvd imports.

Tiger Joe: The always reliable David Warbeck once again teams up with Antonio Margheriti for some action packed exploitation fun. He plays a war vet turned soldier of fortune who flies guns to freedom fighters in Cambodia. After his plane gets shot down in the jungle he teams up with the rebels including the "blonde Emanuelle" Annie Belle. Some of his pals show up for support including big Tony King and Margheriti regular Luciano Pigozzi. They all shit-talk each other with black, old man and fat jokes / insults. The bulk of the film is our small band of heroes, and the rebels, trying to make their way to safety while battling the government troops. Tons of explosions, gun fights and bloody deaths. It has less humor, and more realistic action, than some of the other Warbeck / Margheriti outings. Warbeck was once in line to be the next James Bond (instead of Roger Moore). You can see his ease with gritty action and the occasional one liner in Tiger Joe.

The Violent Breed: A flashback to Vietnam shows Harrison Muller, Henry Silva and Woody Strode fighting the enemy. Silva is injured and brought to safety by Muller. Strode chooses to stay behind for unknown reasons! Months later Silva is working for the C.I.A. and contacts Muller to do a job: go back to the jungle and find Strode who has become a notorious drug trafficker. Muller befriends a French madam who runs a jungle whorehouse. She sends women to Strode's camp and knows where he hides. Muller's the kind of guy who wears a wife-beater shirt and white sneakers on a jungle mission. He fights, stabs, shoots and blows up as much as he can. 70-year old Strode still looks like he could kick Muller's ass and top billed Silva has the smallest role. Early scenes show Muller driving his jeep through New York City circa 1984. A theater marquee shows a double bill of Zabriskie Point and Blow Up. This was Di Leo's second to last film.

*For more see: American Commandos, Getting Even, Savage and Hunters of the Golden Cobra

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Tiger Joe / Violent Breed" : $30.00

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