(1983 / 1986)

Special Double program set on one dvd!

DIRECTOR: Terror on Tape: Robert Worms / Film House Fever: Domonic Paris

STARS: Terror on Tape: Cameron Mitchell (Kill Squad, Toolbox Murders), Michelle Bauer (Bad Girls, In Search of the Perfect 10) / Film House Fever: Steve Buscemi, Mark Boone Jr.

SYNOPSIS: Two VHS era clip compilations with violence, gore, nudity, campy horror, sexploitation and more. These are both unreleased on dvd! You get both programs on one disc. Running time: 2hrs 23mins

Terror on Tape: Exploitation film favorite Cameron Mitchell (Nightmare in Wax, Toolbox Murders, Silent Scream and many more) is the creepy owner of a dusty old video store called "Shoppe of Horrors". The store set looks like something leftover from Zacherly's TV show and Mitchell is made up to look ghoulish while brandishing a riding crop. During the course of one night a variety of customers come in requesting different genres: horror, zombies, sex, gore, etc. The last customer is Michelle Bauer, her breasts barely concealed, dressed up like Vampira! Mitchell is more than happy to help his guests as choice clips are shown to illustrate each patron's taste. Film clips include: Frozen Scream, Nightmare, Eerie Midnight Horror Show, Cathy's Curse, Deadly Spawn, Ruby, 2000 Maniacs, Vampire Hookers, City of the Walking Dead and more. (1hr 23min)

Film House Fever: Future stars Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire) and Mark Boone Jr (Sons of Anarchy) were unknowns working together as a stand-up team when they were tapped to star in this film clip compilation. They perform some silly slapstick, give shocked reactions and provide commentary (ala Beavis and Butthead) to the non-stop barrage of weird film clips playing at a "Dusk till ?" film festival. Film clips include: Color Me Blood Red, Dracula vs Frankenstein, The Psychic, Nurse Sherri and many more including clips from the super rare Sam Raimi / Bruce Campbell short film parody of Raiders of the Lost Ark! Running time: 1hr

*For more see: Mondo Sleazo / Mondo Sleazo Returns, Best of Sex & Violence and It Came From Hollywood

Fullscreen / Color (Both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Terror on Tape / Film House Fever" : $20.00

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