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The Best of "IT'S MARTY"

Over Two Hours of laughs!

Jack Clark (written by Marty Feldman)

STARS: Marty Feldman (Young Frankenstein, Sex with a Smile), Judy Cornwell, Shelley Berman, Julie Ege

SYNOPSIS: Hilarious, overlooked satire on the advertising business written by and starring the great Marty Feldman. His character works at an advertising agency and must come up with a surefire way to sell their awful new product: frozen porridge! He and his boss (a funny Shelley Berman) decide that sex is the way to sell this sludge. While Marty is busing coming up with sexy ideas his prudish wife is heading up a campaign to clean up smutty television commercials! The breaking point comes when he and his wife hire a new Swedish maid named "Inga" played by hottie Julie Ege (who has some fully nude scenes!). There are some fun daydream scenes and great animated sequences too. Lots of laughs in this highly recommended forgotten British gem.

Bonus: A great one hour compilation of the British television show "It's Marty" starring Marty Feldman along with future Monty Python members Michael Palin & Terry Jones plus The Goodies' Tim Brooke-Taylor.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Think Dirty" : $20.00

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