(aka Le Regine)


DIRECTOR: Tonino Cervi (Today We Kill - Tomorrow We Die!)

STARS: Ray Lovelock (Live Like a Cop - Die Like a Man), Silvia Monti (Lizard in a Woman's Skin), Evelyn Stewart (Bloodstained Butterfly), Haydee Politoff

SYNOPSIS: A motorcycle riding hippie, Ray Lovelock, finds himself at a rustic cabin in the woods after witnessing a car accident of an strange old man. He's welcomed by three seductive sisters who invite him in and feed him cake. The outside of the house is mundane looking but inside it's all 60's pop with giant photos on the wall, furry carpets and art deco furniture. The women are strange but friendly and eventually Lovelock screws each of them. One sister steals his motorcycle and rides through the woods luring him to some beachside sex. Later that night he witnesses the sisters as they perform a ritual in the forest. Near the climax of the film they all visit a mysterious house in the woods that has a gathering of well dressed people like a scene from The Shining. Not until it's too late does Lovelock realize what the women are and the fate that awaits him. The film is beautifully shot in a constant dream like state. There's a strong overtone of fairy tales in the plot. All the stars look gorgeous. Ray Lovelock performs the two 60's sound rock songs on the soundtrack. WIDESCREEN

*For more see:
Road to Salina, The Penthouse, Deep End, Paranoia and Blood Sabbath

Widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLUE dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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