(aka Le Marginal)



(aka L' Alpagueur )

(1983 / 1976)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

DIRECTOR: The Outsider: Jacques Deray (Flic Story, Blood on the Streets) / Hunter Will Get You: Philippe Labro

STARS: The Outsider: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Henry Silva (Killer vs Killers), Tcheky Karyo, Michel Robin / Hunter Will Get You: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Bruno Cremer (Prize of Peril), Jean Negroni, Patrick Fierry,

SYNOPSIS: Two Jean-Paul Belmondo violent crime rarities

The Outsider: This is probably one of my favorite Jean-Paul Belmondo action films. It's just pure entertainment. It was a huge hit in France and yet it never even got so much as a video release in North America (let alone a dvd release)! Belmondo plays a "Dirty Harry" style cop. All that matters to him is getting his man - getting the bad guys behind bars. The movie starts with drug kingpin Henry Silva explaining to his goons that Belmondo's cop needs to be taken care of. We're introduced to Belmondo interrogating a room of suspects. When one runs he chases. Less than 10 minutes into the film Belmondo has run through oncoming traffic, caught a ride on a moving truck and jumped off a bridge! A huge appeal to any Belmondo action movie is seeing him really do all his own stunts. He was 50 years old in this one. Belmondo intercepts a speedboat carrying drugs by jumping from a helicopter. His corrupt boss knocks him down to crap duty with all the other renegade cops. He continues to hunt down Silva on his own. Shaking down informants, visiting a gay bar, a crack house, getting into shoot-outs and bar fights. Finally we get to the big action scene. Earlier in the film a very young Tcheky Karyo (La Femme Nikita), who plays a buddy of Belmondo's, sells him a cool bulletproof Ford Mustang! He uses this car to chase down two gun toting bad guys. They cover a lot of ground in a metal crunching orgy of action... and all the while Belmondo is really behind the wheel. With a great memorable score from Ennio Morricone. Dubbed in English. WIDESCREEN

Hunter Will Get You: In this action thriller Belmondo plays the type of guy who gets secretly hired to do jobs that the police can't (legally) do. A sociopath (Bruno Cremer) is on a robbing spree. His devious method is to enlist the help of a young hood and then, when the job is over, simply kill him along with any witnesses. Belmondo's character is one part James Bond and one part Dirty Harry. He wears disguises, does surveillance and goes undercover in prison to break out an informant. More suspense and thrills, with a little humor, this one doesn't have any real big action scenes. A few car chases and a bloody shootout towards the end. Belmondo is his usual entertaining self and Bruno Cremer almost steals the show as the soft spoken killer. Dubbed in English. WIDESCREEN

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Widescreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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