(1969 / 1972)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Joy N Houck Jr (both films)

STARS: Night of Bloody Horror: Gerald McRaney, Gaye Yellen, Michael Anthony / Night of the Strangler: Micky Dolenz, James Ralston, Michael Anthony, Susan McCullough

SYNOPSIS: Two low-budget shockers from director Joy N Houck Jr

Night of Bloody Horror:You'll be surprised to see how young Gerald McRaney (T.V.'s Simon and Simon and Major Dad) was when he starred in this cheesy horror film from 1969. He plays a disturbed young man, fresh out of the nuthouse, who seems to be knocking off all the pretty girls in his life. His overbearing mother is a bit of a monster and seems to be at the root of his mental problems. You get a little gore, some weird spinning spiral effect when McRaney's headaches kick in. Plus a performance from a psychedelic band: "The Bored" in a nightclub. Filmed in "Violent Vision"!

Night of the Strangler: Despite the misleading title this isn't a horror film. There's a decent body count but it's more drama and suspense than slasher thrills. It all kicks off when a black man, on a date with his pregnant white girlfriend, is shot to death. The girl has two brothers, top billed nice guy (and former 'Monkee') Micky Dolenz and an older racist one. Jealousy, racism and revenge figure into this low budget whodunit. Deaths include: shootings, killed by poison snake, stabbing, drowning, etc. Contains some minor nudity as well.

BONUS: Original Theatrical trailer for Night of Bloody Horror

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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Night of Bloody Horror / Strangler" : $30.00

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