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(late 1980's)

Three Programs on 2 Discs!

STARS (featured) Just Shuffling Along: Stepin Fetchit, Hattie McDaniel, Matthew "Stymie" Beard (The Little Rascals), Sammy Davis Jr, Sunshine Sammy, Spencer Williams, Tim Moore, Cab Calloway, Jackie Robinson, Lena Horne, Butterfly McQueen

Three programs exploring racial stereotypes in film & animation

Disc 1
A History of Racist Animation: A very impressive collection of clips and condensed versions of racist cartoons. Narration gives some history and context in this rare documentary. Overwhelmingly there are black stereotypes featured like Sambo, African natives, shoeshine boys, Bosko, mammies, butlers, etc. You'll also see Asian, German, Italian, Arab, Mexican, American Indian and Jewish characters. Running time: 1hr 30mins

Racist Cartoons from WW II: Six uncut cartoons from the WWII era featuring racist characters. They mostly focus on German, Japanese and Italian figures. This of course includes Adolf Hitler, Emperor Hirohito and Mussolini. There are a few shorts showing black stereotypes including an amazing puppetoon film by George Pal called "Jasper in the Haunted House". The animation and character / set design might remind you of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. You'll also see some familiar bunny and duck friends as well as Superman (in "The Japateurs") and even your old pal Bosko. All the shorts here are shown in clips in the above (History of Racist Animation) documentary. Running time: 45mins

Disc 2
Just Shuffling Along: Solid documentary showing racial stereotypes in Hollywood films. Everything from laziness, cotton picking, superstition, eating watermelon, gambling and more is featured in this wealth of clips with narration. Characters are distracted by ghosts, bill collectors, alcohol and Bela Lugosi. Every genre is covered including dramas, comedies, horror, western and musicals. In one scene a large group of slave plantation workers happily dance and sing before the start of the season. The showstopper is a cringe worthy song called "Darkies Never Dream" sung by a stereotypical mammy using a washboard. Running time: 1hr 30mins

*For more film history see: It Came From Hollywood, The Incredibly Strange Film Show and The Secret History of the Other Hollywood

Fullscreen / Color (all programs)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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