Dwight Little (Halloween 4, Marked for Death)

STARS: Edward Albert (Fool Killer, Galaxy of Terror, Accidents), Joe Don Baker (Mongo's Back in Town, Speedtrap), Audrey Landers

SYNOPSIS: After watching Getting Even with Edward Albert you'll wish there were more action films of him as Taggar (aka "Tag"). A character with a charming personality but also tough as nails. The film starts off at a secret Russian compound where a deadly gas agent has been developed. Albert and his commando team storm the building at night and collect all the poison canisters to prevent the Commies from using them. Back at home in Texas, Albert attends a black tie affair that's being thrown by business rival Joe Don Baker. As the party continues Baker's men break into Albert's lab and steal the gas for themselves. While testing the agent in a control room for it's capabilities a leak ends up killing the scientists. One female tech has her face melted off showcasing some excellent (The Thing-style) make-up and gore effects. Audrey Landers plays Albert's right-hand man (so to speak) who can go toe-to-toe with his good old boys. In one scene she drives a convertible, with Albert riding shotgun, as they chase down a van in high speed road chase! That scene ends in a foot chase and a fistfight atop an old roller coaster. Baker threatens to release the gas in Dallas unless he gets a ransom. It all ends with Albert trying to the locate the bomb and zooming around the city in his helicopter. Afterwards he has a dogfight with Baker's copter. The flying sequences are excellent. All the actors are above average for this kind of fare and the action is first rate. A personal favorite.

*For more tough guys see:
Sudden Death, Amsterdam Kill, American Justice, Welcome Home Solider Boys and Bare Knuckles

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

"Getting Even (1986)" : $20.00

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