( aka Wishbone Cutter, aka Shadow Mountain)

(1974 / 1977)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

DIRECTOR: Hillbilly John: John Newland / Shadow of Chikara: Earl Smith

STARS: Hillbilly John: Hedges Capers, Denver Pyle, Severn Darden (Outside Chance), Harris Yulin (Watched!), Susan Strasberg, R.G. Armstrong (Steel) / Shadow of Chikara: Joe Don Baker (Mongo's Back in Town, Getting Even), Sondra Locke (Every Which Way But Loose), Joy N Houck Jr, Ted Neely, Slim Pickens, Dennis Fimple

SYNOPSIS: Two rural genre films rated G and PG respectively.

Legend of Hillbilly John: Low budget film with a bit of a cult following. It tells the folktale story of a young guitar toting ballad singer who wanders the American South. He encounters all sorts of odd characters, a magician, a flying monster and even the Devil. It's a mix of folklore, fantasy and little horror. The film has lots of songs too. Nice supporting work from Susan Strasberg, RG Armstrong and the always reliable Harris Yulin. Based on stories by Manly Wade Wellman.

Shadow of Chikara: Joe Don Baker stars as a vicious Civil War vet (his side lost) who teams up with two other men (including half breed Joy N. Houck Jr) to find a rumored stash of diamonds within a sacred Indian mountain. They run into sexy Sondra Locke who joins them in their efforts. Soon strange noises are heard in the woods and they fear the Indian spirit "Chikara" may be watching over them as they trespass into unknown territory. Very low key horror that relies on mood and atmosphere rather than shocks or blood. Kind of like The Blair Witch Project circa 1865 but without the shaky camera.

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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Legend of Hillbilly John / Chikara" : $30.00

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