(aka The Infernal Rapist)


DIRECTOR: Damian Acosta Esparza

STARS: Noe Murayama, Ana Luisa Peluffo

SYNOPSIS: One of the crazier films I've seen in a while. The film starts off in a jailhouse with a condemned man, nicknamed "The Cat", being strapped into the electric chair and executed. After he dies a satanic princess appears - an unholy vixen from hell. She explains that she will bring him back to life on one condition: he must rape and kill every man and woman he can and then carve a "666" into their bodies. She also promises untold riches and all the drugs he desires. Needless to say he agrees. Almost immediately he begins his rampage. He forces a gay man to do heroin after which he stabs and rapes the poor soul. Next up is a visit to a shady massage parlor where he's able to flash his money around and get all the girls excited. One by one he takes them home, into the woods, in his car, etc. Always a similar routine: drugs, rape murder. Did I mention that "Cat" can also shoot little red lasers out of his eyes and cause objects to levitate or burst into flames? The police are baffled by the missing body from the electric chair and start to wonder about the string of crimes that are so similar to the supposedly dead rapist "Cat". Eventually they close in on the sadistic violador infernal! This South-of-the-Border exploitation is jam-packed with sex and violence. All the women show full frontal nudity and the murders are bloody and vicious. In spoken Spanish with English subtitles.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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