Double Feature






Special Two DVD Disc set!

Action U.S.A.: John Stewart / Terror Squad: Peter Maris (Land of Doom)

STARS: Action U.S.A.: Gregory Scott Cummins (Caged Fury, Stone Cold, Dead End City), William Smith (Hollywood Man), Cameron Mitchell (Kill Squad), Ross Hagen / Terror Squad: Chuck Conners (Summer Camp Nightmare), Brodie Greer, Bill Calvert, Ken Foree

SYNOPSIS: Two, low budget, 80's action films from outside Hollywood.

Action U.S.A.: A black and white, Lethal Weapon-style, pair of FBI agents are tasked with protecting a witness and getting her out of a Texas town. She has knowledge about some stolen diamonds that the bad guys want (including mobster Cameron Mitchell). Directed by stuntman John Stewart, Action USA is packed with car stunts, shootouts, helicopter thrills, fire gags and a big barroom brawl. Every time a car crashes there's little doubt that it will blow up real good. Gregory Cummins is likable as the FBI agent who is slowly falling for the spunky witness. Ross Hagen, who also produced, absolutely eats up the scenery as a sadistic "cleaner" hired by the villains. The end credits have bloopers. Fans of non-stop action like Gone in 60 Seconds will enjoy fun sleeper.

Terror Squad: This very 80's action film takes it's cue from Red Dawn as a group of Libyan terrorists sneak into the US and try to blow up a nuclear plant in Indiana. When their plan fails a long car, and helicopter, chase with police brings them to the local high school. The sweaty, well armed, villains take over the building and hold the students as hostages. The kids are a Breakfast Club mix of 80's cliches. Eventually big Chuck Conners shows up as the police chief, wearing his "Brooklyn" jacket. Dawn of the Dead's Ken Foree helps out as one of his officers. A few kids sneak away and one nerdy guy builds a small crossbow in the school's metal shop! It ends with an energetic chase involving the terrorists on a school bus, with hostages, and a fleet of cop cars following. At one point a grenade launcher gets fired from the bus while our teen hero hangs from the front bumper Road Warrior style! Another mindless action winner.

*For more see: Terminal Entry / Riding the Edge, Ninja in the Claws of the CIA, Overkill / Hollywood Cop, Uranium Conspiracy and The Great Skycopter Rescue

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (left above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Action U.S.A. / Terror Squad": $30.00

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