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Special Two DVD Disc set!

Blue Monkey: William Fruet (Funeral Home, Spasms) / The Kindred: Jeff Obrow & Stephen Carpenter

STARS: Blue Monkey: Steve Railsback (Helter Skelter, Lifeforce, Torchlight), Gwyneth Walsh, Susan Anspach, Don Lake / The Kindred: David Allen Brooks, Rod Steiger, Kim Hunter, Amanda Pays, Talia Balsam

SYNOPSIS: Two 1950's-style sci-fi / monster films - never released on dvd.

Blue Monkey: Here's a 1980's version of the old giant creature / insect run amok ala Them, Deadly Mantis, etc. A man gets infected from an unknown flower which causes a larva to squirt out of his mouth at the hospital. The head nurse, Anspach, throws it in a cup for further research. A cop, Railsback, brings a friend to the ER and happens to see this gross occurrence. Afterwards, a flirty nurse gives him a tour of the hospital which includes their newfangled laser lab. A gang of Goonies-style sick kids at the hospital, including an 8-year old Sarah Polley(!), sneak into a room and unknowingly feed the slug some growth hormones. Next thing you know it's Food of the Gods insect edition. The monster looks like a giant praying mantis and manages to chew up a few poor souls before the military locks down the building. The last 40 minutes are mostly action with the trapped doctors, patients, kids and Railsback fighting for their lives. SCTV regulars Joe Flaherty and Robin Duke provide some comedy relief. The special effects are fun and it moves along quick enough to overlook some of it's low budget flaws.

The Kindred: A woman awakens from and coma and tells her son to go to her house and destroy her life's work. This includes all the notes referring to "Anthony". When the man asks who Anthony is she's tells him "Your brother!". Next we see creepy scientist Rod Steiger, in a wonderfully over-the-top performance, who has a secret lab where he keeps deformed human experiments. He wants very much to see those lab notes. The son goes to the house with a group of friends including the mysterious Amanda Pays who holds a horrible secret. They all fall victim to, or do battle with, the tentacled thing living in the basement of the creaky old house. The special effects are great - slimy, gooey, goopy and gory - they reminded me of Alien, From Beyond and Basket Case. A real overlooked winner.

*For more see:The Runestone, Wavelength, Specters, The Exotic Ones and Radioactive Dreams / Wired to Kill

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Blue Monkey / Kindred" : $30.00

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