Double Feature


( aka Jump )



(1971 / 1980)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Fury on Wheels: Joseph Manduke (Cornbread, Earl and Me / Hotwire: Frank Q Dobbs (Enter the Devil)

STARS: Fury on Wheels: Tom Ligon, Collin Wilcox Paxton, Logan Ramsey, Conrad Bain, Jack Nance / Hotwire: John Terry, Strother Martin, George Kennedy (Mean Dog Blues), Jim Siedow (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

SYNOPSIS: Two Southern style car chase comedies.

Fury on Wheels: Southern fried comedy with some drama and action. A good natured redneck, named Chester Jump, loves running his car and wants to get into the stock racing game. A sleazy promoter, Logan Ramsey, hires him as a mechanic. He learns the ropes with a little help from Eraserhead's Jack Nance. Eventually he gets his chance to drive in a race. Lot's of raw stock racing footage from the dusty tracks of Florida. It's weird seeing Different Strokes Conrad Bain as the smoking, drinking redneck father of Chester. A well made, entertaining, regional rarity.

: Strother Martin is hilarious, and cantankerous as ever, as the seen-it-all old coot who teaches young John Terry the art of car repossession. His character predates the classic Repo Man by 4 years! He has some great dialog that he delivers with relish. George Kennedy has a dual role as a prissy used car dealer whom the men work for as well as his mean brother, the local sheriff. The sheriff always keeps one eye on our heroes. Things heat up when Terry hops into bed with a local crime lord's girl and then the men repossess his prized Rolls Royce to boot. Hotwire is fast moving and fun. If you ever watched a "Paragon Home Video" vhs back in the day you probably saw the trailer for this one.

Original video preview for Hotwire

*For more see: Speedtrap / Car Crash, Midnite Spares, Flash and Firecat, Hot Rod and In Hot Pursuit / Truckers Woman

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Fury on Wheels / Hotwire": $30.00

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