DIRECTOR: Dear Dead Delilah: John Farris / Savage Intruder: Donald Wolfe

STARS: Dear Dead Delilah: Agnes Moorehead, Will Geer, Michael Ansara / Savage Intruder: Miriam Hopkins, David Garfield, Gale Sondergaard (The Letter, Mark of Zorro), Joe Besser ( "The Three Stooges")

SYNOPSIS: Agnes Moorehead and Miriam Hopkins give their final performances in two entertaining and surprisingly gory winners. Fans of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?", "The Big Cube", "The Naked Zoo", etc. will enjoy this double feature.

Dear Dead Delilah: This one was always a personal favorite when it ran repeatedly on the "Chiller Theater" and "4:30 movie" in the late 70's - early 80's. After a quick pre-credit sequence showing the aftermath of a bloody axe murder, and the release of the murderess years later (see clip below), we are brought up to present day. In an appropriately creepy Southern mansion a group of people have gathered to meet with their eldest sibling - the nasty, wheelchair bound Agnes Moorehead. Her health is poor and she wants to settle her will and affairs of the estate. The siblings know their dead father's cash fortune is hidden somewhere on the estate and before long someone starts knocking off the greedy bastards. There are some pretty gory kills for a film made in 1972 including an axe to the head, a shot to the face and a bloody, spurting decapitation. Moorehead is great as always and the supporting cast including Michael Ansara and Will Geer gives it their all. Recommended.

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