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(1977 / 1982)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Death Promise: Robert Warmflash / Kill Squad: Patrick Donahue

STARS: Death Promise: Charles Bonet, Speedy Leacock / Kill Squad: Jean Glaude, Jeff Risk, Jerry Johnson, Cameron Mitchell (Action USA) ,

SYNOPSIS: Two action-packed, low budget, karate / kung fu rarities for fans of cheesy exploitation!

Death Promise: Fun low rent karate film that reeks of 70's New York City! Urban martial arts hero Charles Bonet is joined by the no-nonsense Speedy Leacock (along with a few friends) to battle a group of apartment owners. The greedy slumlords are trying to drive out the poor tenants by any means necessary including sending in their karate goons to kicks some ass, dump killer rats into the building and more. Bonet and his pals have a few tricks up their sleeves and soon have the bad guys on the run and begging for mercy. Lots of karate action and gritty NYC locations. Check it out!

Kill Squad: Classic plot of a group of ragtag fighters (ala Magnificent Seven, etc) joining forces to battle bad guys. The victim of brutal crime ends up in a wheelchair and organizes a team of karate and kung fu experts in early 80's California. The fighters are all ex-soldier buddies from his days in Viet Nam. There's a black pimp with fighting skills, a musclebound bruiser in a "Gold's Gym" t-shirt, an Asian ass-kicker and more. They battle a never-ending supply of goons, tough guys and killers in this action packed film. Plus you get some low budget car stunts as well. Genre fave Cameron Mitchell has a small role as the villain.

BONUS: Original TV spot for Kill Squad

NOTE: This is a special Two Disc set priced at $30.00

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Both films: Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

NOTE: The below clips are Low Resolution quality for YouTube

Speedy Leacock kicks ass ...Karate style!

Slum tenants vs Rats!

Kung Fu brawl!


Buy "Death Promise / Kill Squad" : $30.00

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