(aka The Evolution of Snuff)


DIRECTOR: Andrzej Kostenko

STARS: Carl Emery, Claudia Fielers, Roman Polanski

SYNOPSIS: Here's a fun (fake) documentary on the Adult film industry in the late 70's. Even though it's not real it more than makes up for it in the heavy amount of onscreen sex and nudity on display. We watch as a sleazy director goes through the process of pre-production and casting all the way though to the final day of filming. He's a real jerk and not above yelling at his underpaid cast and crew. It's all slightly over the top and funny. Wait until after the end credits for the big finale when a guy in a mask comes onscreen and talks about snuff films. His speech is intercut with short clips from Wes Craven's "Last House on the Left" showing intestines being pulled from a girl's stomach, etc. This is presented as a real snuff film! A short clip with director Roman Polanski appears before the credits (see below). Recommended for exploitation and sexploitation lovers alike.

*For more see:
What Would Your Mother Say?, Fallen Angels, Journey into the Beyond and Secret History of the Other Hollywood

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

NOTE: The below clips are Low Resolution quality for YouTube

Roman Polanski talks about Porn & Snuff

A teen girl & crossdresser audition for adult film


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